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Our values

1.    Satisfied customer
2.   Profitable business
3.   Staff is our most important resource
4.   Focus on safety
5.   Environmentally friendly
6.   Transparency and Honesty
7.   Flexible operations
8.   Continuous systematic development
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Our mission

OMP’s mission is to produce and sell products and services that offer added value . This will result in increased profits and competitiveness for our customers.
The goal is to implement the customers production investments from manufacturing to installation and also be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment we manufacture.
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Our vision

Our vision is that the OMP companies are the primary option for customers in our own market areas.
Our vision also includes that we have:
•    Capable, innovative, dedicated and motivated staff
•    Efficient and advanced operational business processes.
•    Implementation and control
•    Operate a quality management and safety systems
•    Evidence of projects implemented in highly challenging       circumstances.
•    Good market and local knowledge

And that we offer:
•    Ow
n products
•    Comprehensive maintenance
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