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OMP Group represented in Copenhagen

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

In august of 2022 we participated in the annual World tunnel congress in Copenhagen. The global tunnel and mining industry was widely represented at the event. In total, over a hundred companies were presenting their products and ideas including Respetra of OMP Group. Respetra presented its main product; the protective shelter mainly used in underground mines and tunnels. The shelter gained lots of positive recognize and feedback among the participants. The Respetra shelters have been sent to customers all over the globe including South-Korea, Italy, Spain and the Faroe Islands. You can see our references from Respetra's website at

Why choose Respetra?

The Respetra shelters have been designed and manufactured for the most demanding conditions. We listen to the customers wishes and can modify the shelter to fit the customers needs better. For example the standard equipment for the shelter are customizable. Even when modified, the Respetra shelters core idea remains the same providing the personnel with protection.

The shelter is made from a special stainless steel made by Outokumpu Oy. The main benefits of the shelter are low service and lifecycle costs while being the best option in the market for a shelter.

For more information about Respetra and its products can be found on or

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