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Respetra rescue chamber -Designed for extreme conditions

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Respetra rescue chamber - Designed for extreme conditions

Respetra, part of OMP Group, specialises in designing and manufacturing rescue chambers for underground conditions. The chambers are trusted by dozens of clients internationally. The chambers have been sold especially to mining companies and the primary use for chambers is to protect personnel working underground. In case of a fire inside the mine for example, the personnel can rescue themselves inside the chamber.

The chamber is manufactured from Outokumpu's special stainless steel that withstands corrosion in the challenging environment underground. The stainless steel also withstands pressure fluctuations thanks to it strength. The sides of the chamber are curved which increses the durability and also secures the chambers gas tightness. The advances of the Respetra rescue chamber also include low life cycle costs.

Respetra rescue chambers have been sold all over the world including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Austria, The Faroe Islands and South-Korea. During 2023 the first chambers will also be delivered to a customer in Northern Italy. The demand for Respetra's rescue chambers internationally is an indication for their quality and durability to protect personnel in difficult circumstances.

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