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Industrial maintenance

Co-operation with OMP means sense of anticipation,
minimizing disruptions in production and operational reliability
for our customers.


After reaching an agreement with us, you can release capital for other purposes, improving the production and experience as well as to improve the financial performance indicators.
With systematic preventive maintenance and systematic maintenance we are trying to prevent longer-term interruptions in production completely.

We offer our clients services with two different approaches:


Comprehensive maintenance contract

We take responsibility for all the customer’s plant maintenance operations by forming a local operating unit. The service includes hands-on service and repair measures, in addition to extensive advance planning, monitoring and reporting.

Maintenance service

We carry out servicing the customer’s production facility at our disposal for the maintenance systems. Remedy performed maintenance system came fault declarations.

•    Project works for maintenace
•    Food, steel, paper, mining and energy industry projects
•    Hydropower equipment
•    Machining, grinding, cleaning, painting, seal replacement and leak tightness

More information:

Vesa Korkiakoski
Tel. +358 400 926 769
Email: vesa.korkiakoski (a)

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